CFAP Program Funds Available


   The University of Tennessee Extension is working with our State USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) to increase awareness of CFAP money that is available to assist crop, livestock, and dairy producers. 
   As of July 27th, Tennessee producers have received $87.7 million (16,655 applications or an average of $5,265 per application) from the CFAP program in direct payments. Participation in this program is lower than anticipated. We encourage Tennessee farmers to contact their local FSA service center and apply for the CFAP program. We do not want Tennessee farmers leaving money on the table during these difficult financial times.
    For example, there are presently 2,442 non-specialty crop (corn, soybean, and cotton) CFAP applications compared to an estimated 3,200 corn farms, 500 cotton farms, and 3,900 soybean farms in Tennessee. If a farmer had an ownership interest in unpriced corn, cotton or soybeans on January 15, 2020 they are eligible to receive a CFAP payment. Additionally, if they owned any beef cattle between April 16 and May 14, 2020 they are eligible for additional payments. There is no application fee or repayment required.
   Links to forms with more details for programs for TNCFAP2-crops and TNCFAP2-cattle.
   For more details, contact Dr. Aaron Smith, Associate Professor at . ∆
   DR. ANGELA MCCLURE: Extension Corn and Soybean Specialist, University of Tennessee
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