PSEP Online Training Season Wraps Up





 Thank you. Pesticide Safety Education Program’s first all-online training season has officially come to a close.

   We would like to thank all the applicators and operators who participated and made online training a success! We hope that the availability of online training made one aspect of an otherwise difficult year a little bit easier.

   Each year, online training requires a seasonal closure so our team can ensure that our content and online learning system are up to date. 

   This temporary maintenance period will run from July 30th-Sept 30th, a time when we anticipate the fewest operators and applicators will seek training.

   Online training and testing opens for registration on Oct. 1st!

   An Oct. 1st start date gives operators and applicators the opportunity to begin training for 2022 even earlier than previous years. Please add us to your fall or winter calendar and have a great summer! ∆

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